Witch’s Heart – Chapter 21

Today we have a double release with 58 pages in total of our favorite witch and her now, not so small anymore, escort;
Rose Guns Days – Scene 5

Today is a great day for us! This is our 250th release! Can you believe it?!

Special Thanks to Ica-chan for always doing the dirty job of debinding pretty things for us with her badass scanner.
And our madam Mizuouji for sponsoring us with this beauty.
"The story of Mika before she was a witch" - spoilers of a future arc of majo no shinzou; to be released in volume 6 (Release Date: Feb of 2015).
Ridiculous pretty volume 5 of Majo no Shinzou
Witch’s Heart c.21 PV - Mika and Nina
Witch’s Heart – Chapter 20

Today we also have a new release and we get closer to the climax of this arc!