Witch’s Heart - Chapter 27

Witch’s Heart – Chapter 27

CCF_0165One of the things (which are a lot!) that I adore of Matoba-sensei are her beautiful backgrounds, how can somebody draw with such detail a world like this?

In today’s release we have a story of fairies, but not exactly the kind you read in fairytales, by the way, the next chapter is (finally!) a super-expected flashback!!! Why is this mangaka so stingy with flashbacks? I want to know more about…

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Witch’s Heart - Chapter 26

Witch’s Heart – Chapter 26

CCF_0127I loved Mika’s dress in this cover so much! I wonder how Matoba-sensei does her magic!

This time, we have a special story about a girl’s future… I wonder when will we get a new arc, I really liked the last ones.

By the way, is it just me or they jumped from medieval time to the Victorian era?

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Scrap Heaven - Oneshot

Scrap Heaven – Oneshot

coverTonight we have a new story! Kuroe-sensei’s, who you might remember as Memory of Red’s artist, first original story!

It won’t be hard to see the similarities with the K’s manga but this one is completely unrelated to it. I really liked this one, and actually wish it was way longer.

Also, Yousuke totally smokes the same brand as Mikoto!

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Any free PRers around?

We need help with a oneshoot and most of our staff is busy already. orz

The Reason Criminals on the other side fight – Chapter 2

Is just me or the chapters are getting longer? I am not complaining though. This series is coming out weekly (in parts, aka 1/4 of chapter per week), but we prefer working by complete chapters because it’s way better for the cleaning and translation, we’ll be waiting for chapter 3 to complete since there’s only a half of it released in the magazine till this moment.
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SAFT manga might be over but remember we still have a new project of Aki and a new character that might remind you of certain tsundere fairy.

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale - Chapter 10 (end)

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale – Chapter 10 (end)

002I am really trying my best to not cry about it and failing miserably. orz

Somehow, SAFT became the major tag in the blog and one of our most important projects. How can you not love this series, it has it all! Strong characters, comedy, drama and a lovely story.

So I am sad, because the manga might end here, but that’s not actually the end.  There’s a lot of stories to be told about Ann and co…

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Higan no Ishi - Episode 1

Higan no Ishi – Episode 1

CCF_0003Today we have a special release in honor of one of our most hardworking translators, Raincraft, seriously, I still can’t believe we have you! No every translator has the guts to face a light novel like SAFT and you’re always showing how compromised to the project you are with every release! So this is a gift, from me, Ica-chan and the rest of the aqua team!

And for the readers: this series is an…

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Usotsuki Wakusei – Chapter 12

We have a release of a series that has been waiting for a while. Fortunately, we’re kicking some life back into it and release will be getting faster!