Glinda, the good witch.

We have more of Carnaval Glare today (and the witch week)! Our good witch is pretty mysterious.


First love is not always a blissful experience…

Today we bring you more of our favorite ojousama! I wonder what Komomo is up to, seriously, what are you plotting?

I want to buy in that bookstore…

I want to buy in that bookstore…


Seems like this week is witch’s week!

This release will look a bit different of the usual ones, that’s because these raws came from my friend Maaya from Ryuusei no Mafia who bought her own copy for it because I skipped that issue of the gangan (whopps!) & Thanks Maaya!!

Hopefully, next release will involve again our favorite oujosama.

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Civilization sweet civilization…

Civilization sweet civilization…

Hello, everyone! It’s been a while since last release,  I was camping with my family so everything was a bit slow till I returned home!

Today we present you a brand new series!! Carnaval Glare, a fairy-tale inspired manga on a classic of the Grimm brothers. By the way, this is the first work of MINATOGAWA Kazuomi, I liked the theme a lot and hope you do as well!

By the way, this chapter is super…

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That’s sooo mature, Natsu!

That’s sooo mature, Natsu!


I didn’t expect that reaction of him at all. Or maybe I did, just a bit.

I was going to release this chapter on Sunday but something told me leaving you with that cliffhanger wouldn’t be very nice~.

PS. Special thanks to Ica-chan for the help with the name of the french dishes!

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In which Komomo uses her oujou-sama powers to help Shuu.

Yahoo! With this chapter we officially finished volume 2!! I apologize beforehand about the quality of this chapter scans!
So, who was expecting this?

Something told me their little plan would fail&#8230; I wonder how this story is gonna end&#8230;
Everyone should have names as well…

Lemme guess. You thought our next release of Paperweight Eye would be next year, huh? Well, even if we didn&#8217;t finish in February we are decided to finish this year!
It must be hard…

Well, we have even more Komomo for you guys on this week and we even get a new character!