Snowilybell - Chapter 1

Snowilybell – Chapter 1

002When you’re in a bad mood at work and you boss is bitching at you just remember one thing: You’re not Rozariol.

Today we have a brand new series of Jiji, who’s famous for her beautiful art and cruel characters, but… seriously, I would go for the liars.

Note 1: STOP the Comic Sans strike! Join AQUA Scans! Only basic photoshop knowledge required!

Note 2: Those ** in page 8 stand for a note I forgot…

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*sacrifices virgin on satanic altar to get more typesetters*

We’re recruiting typesetters!

Only basic knowledge of Photoshop is necesary!

Contact kougyoku.ren@yahoo.com if you’re interested!

Pre-Witch Arc; coming soon!

Rose Guns Days - Scene 7

Rose Guns Days – Scene 7

CCF_0081And on today’s second release we have a new chapter of Rose Guns Days, in which Rose learns that doing the right thing isn’t always exactly the right thing to do.

God if my boss spent that amount of money in a stranger and wasn’t his own money but our firm’s, even if it was for a good cause, I would be pissed off too!

Well, I just see how both Amanda and Lee had a good point.

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Witch’s Heart - Chapter 25

Witch’s Heart – Chapter 25

Today we have 2 releases!

Since I’m restarting my classes, I might get a bit slower to work in these following 2 months! I am so sorry about it! It’s not my staff’s fault but entirely mine. I’ll try to work on scanlations on weekends but my pace will get lightly slower.

Anyway! The first release of today is the end of the assassin girl’s arc. We’re getting close to reaching Japan and I couldn’t…

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We’re recruiting Japanese Translators

Contact kougyoku.ren@yahoo.com if you’re interested!

The Reason Criminals on the other side fight - Chapter 1

The Reason Criminals on the other side fight – Chapter 1

Today we have a new series!003

It’s the debut work of Tsurumi Yu, a new artist of the gangan!

I really liked how this series is handling historical characters and I’m super eager to see the rest of them.

We hope you enjoy the chapter as we did working on it!

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We’re recruiting japanese translators for new shojo series!!