Witch’s Heart - Chapter 22, 23 & 24

Witch’s Heart – Chapter 22, 23 & 24

Queen Mika is the best MikaToday we got another witch’s special! We already finished Carnaval Glare so have some of Mika and her harem company!

With this batch, we have half of volume 5 down! Isn’t it great? You also might notice the quality changed a bit, that’s because we used volume scans, I think we’ll try them for volume 5 and then we’ll see if we keep using them or just switch to magazine raws instead.

Let us hear…

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Carnaval Glare – Chapter 6 & 7 (End)

Although it was a bit short, I really enjoyed the story! The author left a super open ending in case the editorial decided to give the serialization a try, which in the end, didn’t happen.


  • Must have english as mother tonge and good grammar.
  • Must have free time!
  • Must love manga ~

If you cover the last requirements please send an email to kougyoku.ren@yahoo.com!

We are stuck with a lot of series bc we only have 2 people in the PR department and there’s around 10 chapters of different series in Queue!!!!


Now we got 7 chapters [almost ready] of different series, we need a back up admin. orz

Rose Guns Days – Scene 6

Hello, there! It’s been a while since the last release, but we’re back with some RGD and this time we’ll be getting a brand new arc!

We’re recruiting typesetters!

Send an email to kougyoku.ren@yahoo.com if you’re interested! :D

Witch’s Heart – Chapter 21

Today we have a double release with 58 pages in total of our favorite witch and her now, not so small anymore, escort;
Rose Guns Days – Scene 5

Today is a great day for us! This is our 250th release! Can you believe it?!