That’s sooo mature, Natsu!

That’s sooo mature, Natsu!


I didn’t expect that reaction of him at all. Or maybe I did, just a bit.

I was going to release this chapter on Sunday but something told me leaving you with that cliffhanger wouldn’t be very nice~.

PS. Special thanks to Ica-chan for the help with the name of the french dishes!

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In which Komomo uses her oujou-sama powers to help Shuu.

Yahoo! With this chapter we officially finished volume 2!! I apologize beforehand about the quality of this chapter scans!
So, who was expecting this?

Something told me their little plan would fail… I wonder how this story is gonna end…
Everyone should have names as well…

Lemme guess. You thought our next release of Paperweight Eye would be next year, huh? Well, even if we didn’t finish in February we are decided to finish this year!
It must be hard…

Well, we have even more Komomo for you guys on this week and we even get a new character!
Not an April’s fool joke I swear!

Guess which series is back? And even with a new character!! Now, I’d really like to know what’s going on by Kahrel’s mind…


Nah. http://wp.me/s2rHNk-nah


We’re not mean enough to leave you with the cliffhanger of last chapter. This was Lumiere arc. I’m still curious about what Horloge really wants and why is he granting the wishes of the twins.

By the way, there’s a lot of foreshadowing in chapter 3 of this one and of what will happen in the future. I would recommend you to read again chapter 3 after you are done with this one.

And we’ll have a…

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A Witch’s Contract

A Witch’s Contract

Hello e003-004Hello everyone! I hope you guys are ready for more of the Lumiere arc, which is in my opinion the best arc of this manga after the arc of Laurise!

We also uploaded a new version of chapter 11 so you guys might wanna check out the release from chapter 11 to remember what has happened till this point.

We’ll have chapter 14 ready soon so stay with us!

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AQUA SCANS is recruiting proofreaders

What a proofreader is? The “first reader” of each of our releases, you get to read the first thing and point out inconsitency & grammar mistakes or just make better the flow of the translation.

Why is AQUA Scans recruiting? Because we have more than 5 chapters of different series stuck there because we need extra help.

What do I need to be proofreader? Have English as first language and an extensive knowledge of the language.

How can I contact you? Please email to: kougyoku.ren@yahoo.com

Welcome to Meli Melo!

Welcome to Meli Melo!

KC CD Drama 1 - CoverToday we bring you a Komomo Special! We have been working on this for a while, so you better enjoy it! I have been reading volume 2 and I noticed a bunch of changes the edition made of the magazine version, like the name of Shuu’s store or including more details like the whole layout of Meli Melo, the name of the confections in the story and the town where Komomo and her friends live: Mikamo.


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